The conclusion to the Hangover trilogy is finally here and it breaks the formula the first two movies set. Starring Bradley Cooper, John Goodman, Ed Helms, Ken Jeong and Zach Galifianakis, the story follows our three heroes as they try to track down the insane Chang. Watch the trailer after the jump and then read my review.

The original Hangover movie is one of the greatest R-rated comedies ever, and then second one completely wrecks everything already built. This new movie changes the story, but that doesn’t help the movie much. While the earlier movies were comedies, this one is much closer to an action movie, with big stunts and not many laughs.

The problem is it thinks it’s still a comedy. The swearing is out of control, the characters are insulting and not one character is likable. I laughed less than five times and cringed many more. Everything I liked about the first one was no where to be seen.

For this review, I’ve decided I’m not going to go into great detail about what I hated. Mostly because that list is too long. But I am going to talk about a couple things I actually liked about the movie because there are moments where you can tell a real movie is trying to break through the crap pilled on top.

For the most part, Galifianakis is amazing. He is a real comedy star who does the best he can with what he’s given. His character finally gets a short back story and a proper close after the three movie arch. And Galifianakis is a big reason why the final (not mid-credits) scene works.

Allen is a character who has a mental disorder so now we know why he was such a maniac in the other movies. With this new knowledge, the things Allen does are slightly funnier (if I can say that), especially early on. Easily the funniest scene occurs when Allen is giving his father’s eulogy. It’s as if Galifianakis is doing stand-up, with every joke perfectly timed and a short opera solo for good measure.

The addition of Melissa McCarthy also was a smart idea. She only has two scenes, but plays Allen’s equally odd love-interest perfectly. I am certain in the next 10 years, McCarthy and Galifianakis will make a by-the-book romantic comedy together. And it will be amazing.

Which leads to why the ending is awesome. Allen is getting married and he decides to resign from the wolf-pack. His character has grown into a mature man who can move on from crazy antics and settle down with the woman who completes him. The final scene before the wedding is the best acting of the entire franchise and gives the whole movie a purpose after two-hours of nonsense.

And it’s ruined with a mid-credits scene that completely undo’s most of what the films ending creates. Those who like gross body humour won’t mind. I found it really gross and insulting.

One other thing I liked about this movie was the action. I know, I was surprised too. The stunts pulled off here are actually pretty cool and most involve Jeong’s Chang. The film opens with Chang escaping prision in Bangkok in a pretty cool chase scene through dark tunnels and a waterfall.

Then there is Cooper’s Phil and Galifianakis’s Allen propelling down the front of Caser’s Palace with bed sheets. There is actually some intense moments here and it is shot like any other action movie would be.

But nothing beats Jeong’s parachute stunt through Vegas. This is by far my favourite scene in this movie, and not because it was funny, but because of the stunt itself.

As far as the other actors go, Cooper, Helm and Goodman are bigger movie stars than this movie. I don’t even get why Goodman signed up for this. He doesn’t bring much to the movie, is hardly on screen, and isn’t much of a threatening villain. Cooper, fresh off his Oscar nomination, is just cruising here. And Helm doesn’t add much to the movie here and is more annoying than usual as the voice of reason.

I do not recommend this movie. Those going in expecting a comedy will be disappointed. Those who hated the second movie won’t feel forgiven. I can’t think of anyone who would actually like this movie, expect maybe someone with an identical personality to one of the many wooden characters.

It’s really too bad though. The first one is comedy gold but by adding two more movies, this franchise will be remembered as a whole for not being very good. Instead of going to see The Hangover Part III, watch the original again. You will enjoy yourself a lot more.

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