On this week’s show, host Zack Pothier invited Bailey Parnell (0:10) to talk about some of the things that Facebook has made irrelevant. They discussed things like dating and what it means to be a “friend” in the digital age.

Zack was then joined by Nick Raponi (7:25) who offered some pessimistic predictions for the Toronto Blue Jayswho kicked off their season this week and for the Toronto Maple Leafs who are fighting desperately for a playoff spot. Nick was optimistic about the Toronto Raptors, who managed to secure a spot on the NBA playoffs.

On the panel this week, Zack welcomed Josh Beneteau, Sports Editor at the Eyeopener, Melissa Myers, food editor at CanCulture and Kevin Ng of CFRE Radio. They discussed the Ontario government’s proposal to let some large grocery stores have LCBO kiosks (14:02) and the OLG’s attempt (20:00) to get young people gambling again.

You can listen to the podcast on CanCulture.com.