Last week the Ryerson women’s soccer coach, Kevin Souter, stepped down after four years on the job. The 31-year-old will be moving back to his home country of Scotland later this year with his wife and daughter to be closer to his family. The Eyeopener talked to him about his time at Ryerson and what the future holds.

Q: Why did you choose now to step away from the team?

A: Well for me I’ve been with Ryerson now for five years. I didn’t think five years ago I didn’t think I would be here beyond five, six, seven years. I knew that there was an opportunity to develop as a coach and move on.

But the decision came mainly back in the holidays. I went home to Scotland with my wife and daughter and it was nice to be home. It was nice to be with family. We have lots and lots of support that we don’t have here. Everyone is just busy and that’s just the North American lifestyle.

From a family perspective, I felt I needed to step away time, to give more to my wife and daughter then I currently am. In all fairness I can’t give everything to either my family or the team and I was kind of caught in the middle. So it’s time I think for the team to progress, I think they need somebody who can give everything. There is a bit of a growing process over the next couple seasons and it’s going to take a little bit of time. So I think someone is best taking that on now as opposed to waiting another year before deciding to leave.

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